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MJ Davis

Passionate about engineering, problem solving, programming, build and deploy, learning new languages and best practices, developing workflow solutions, listening to and creating music, and more.

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Live demo:

Weppy is a python web framework that makes web application development extremely easy and enjoyable for python developers. The weppy demo (under construction) was built with starter-weppy soon to be ported to the yeoman generator generator-weppy-mvc.

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Live demo:

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Build a full-stack python web application in minutes.

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Simple git implementation for python.

>>> git = PyGit("/path/to/repo/")
>>> git("checkout master")
[ "Switched to branch 'master'", "Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'."]
>>> git("describe --tags")

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Professional Skills

  • Python2.7+ and 3.4+
  • Python Framework architecture
  • Selenium and test automation
  • Javascript with Node.js & Webdriver.js
  • AWS build and deploy pipelines with Docker

Independent Learning

  • ES6 and Typescript
  • Python web frameworks
  • Full-stack development
  • Angular2 and Material Design
  • RDS/MySQL/Postgres/MongoDB